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Quality Talent, Fast Results

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My virtual talent recruiting service is a hands-on, worry-free service that helps business owners take the hassle out of hiring. I am successful by creating and executing talent sourcing and engagement strategies to identify, engage, assess, and present qualified talent for your open positions. 

I get it, your plate is full and you just don't have the time to assess talent when that time could be allocated to other business priorities. I have created an efficient, streamlined process to get qualified candidates in front of you quickly. You deserve to have the best team behind you - let me bring that talent to you. 

Hiring doesn't have to be expensive.  My fee is inclusive of market insights, application review, talent sourcing, prescreen interviews, hiring manager guidance, and much more.  So let's get started, I can't wait to help!

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Kicking off a new search with all the details is pertinent to our success. I hold an intake strategy meeting with all the key players involved in the hiring process. During this meeting I assess your needs and learn more about your company.


Leveraging my network and resources and using creative sourcing and recruiting methods, I create robust talent pools of active and passive candidates. I use market intelligence and data to give us a competitive edge throughout the search.


This is the "people part" of recruiting that I enjoy so much. A good recruiter will reach out to candidates, a great recruiter will tailor messaging to get candidates excited about your company and the opportunity. Guess which one I am 😉


I assess candidates for fit through resume review and thourough prescreening. I ensure that the candidates who move into your formal interview process will meet your skills, experience and culture fit expectations.


Continuing with delivering a stellar candidate and client experience, I manage communication with candidates, provide feedback, and negotiate offers. The best part of my job is when the offer is accepted!

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