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Hey YOU! It's Time To Start Applying!

As stay-at-home orders are beginning to be lifted across the country, you may have found yourself contemplating a job or career change during your time at home (or while heading into work if your job was deemed essential). Perhaps you were laid off, there are unsafe working conditions in your current role, you are still mandated to work from home, or maybe your employer's response to the pandemic was less than desirable. Whatever the case is, you can get hired into a new job or change careers during a pandemic and you should start looking now. Here are a few things to consider.

Okay, first things first - who is hiring?

Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, and Pharmacies are experiencing growth for obvious reasons. According to Forbes, Walgreens and CVS expects hiring surges - Walgreens to hire 20,000 employees and CVS to hire 50,000 employees. Monster cites that there has been growth in postings for ambulatory services, home health care, and of course hospital workers. Areas of pharmaceuticals including clinical research and development are also hiring.

Other industries hiring include Telecommunications companies. Zoom and Slack have been hiring roles in customer service, sales, accounting, engineering, and tech support over the past couple months as many companies adapt to the telecommuting world. Technical Support companies like are hiring exponentially to help fill the demand for customer service and tech support in today's telecommuting society.

Warehousing, Manufacturing, and Sales are continuing to seek project and program management talent as well as management and other specialty roles. Financial Institutions are seeking information processors for loans and a multitude of contract consultant and senior level positions. Construction and Utilities companies are not slowing down their hiring either. Specialty management, marketing, and finance positions make up the bulk of openings for construction and utilities.

Alright, now that we know industries are hiring, let us work on positioning you for a new job. Here are my top three tips!

  1. Consider the industry and environment: Continue to research which industries are hiring and look at your background. Are there openings in your industry but also in your geographic location? If not in your geographic location, are there openings in your industry but remote options? Do you want to work remotely? Do you have transferable skills that would lend themselves to a similar role in a different industry? Or a different role in the same industry? Once you have answered these questions, it is time to move on to the next step.

  2. The right resume is critical: More job seekers means more competition so having the right resume queued up at a moment's notice is more important than ever. I recommend working with a job search consultant (preferably me😉) to work to tailor your resume and cover letter for your job search. As you come across opportunities, it's important that you have your resume ready to go instead of taking the time to spruce up your resume after you see the opening - openings will be posted and unposted quickly during this time as there is no shortage on available talent in many industries and markets - now is the time!

  3. Exercise patience and flexibility: The world is v different now and hiring processes are no longer traditional. You may find yourself talking to an interviewer on webcam or even recording responses to pre-recorded interview questions! Employers have also been known to stretch out the hiring process (another reason to get started searching now) as they may hope to have an in-person interview at some point. When this happens there may be multiple rounds of virtual interviews to cut the talent pool down to their top 1-3 candidates as to not overexpose the interviewer should in-person interviews take place. Also, be flexible and accommodating - many people are still working from home, taking care of children, and homeschooling. If an interview is rescheduled, if someone is late to a call, or anything else occurs which you may typically deem as inconvenient, have some compassion and do not look at that occurrence as a standard of the company. A little understanding will go a long way!

I hope that you takeaway a few things from this information - that companies are hiring, now is the time to begin your job search, and to absolutely have your resume ready to go as you never know when opportunity will arise or what the competition looks like. As always, I have services that can help you in your job search. As a job search consultant and resume writer, I'd love to work with you - visit for more information!

Happy job hunting!


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