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Remote Work Revolution

Big news! Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey announced yesterday that he will allow his employees to work from home in perpetuity. This is huge news as the world begins to adapt to a new normal as far as work enivornment is concerned.

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced our businesses to evolve in a short amount of time and what used to be considered by many as a workplace fad to entice millennials, remote work has quite literally become an economic strategy for many organizations. Twitter’s announcement follows the announcements of other large tech companies like Facebook and Google who will allow their employees to work from home for the remainder of the year. Amazon and Slack had similar announcements regarding their remote options for their employees.

There are significant positive impacts of telework according to many of the world’s leading research institutions like Gallup, Stanford, and Harvard. Workplace flexibility boosts employee productivity, performance, engagement, retention, and company profitability. And with the global pandemic not quite under control, my guess is that the remote work revolution will continue long after we return to work for the sake of having a seamless business continuity strategy should we encounter similar circumstances in the future.

While it's likely unclear how long many of us will be working remotely, one thing is for sure - several organizations are beginning to notice the benefits of a largely remote employee base. Other companies may move in this direction post-pandemic so it's a good time to begin to mentally prepare for the potential of pretty dynamic shift in your work environment (let's just hope that we won't be parenting and homeschooling while remote working in the future 🤞). And if you're a job seeker, consider this - Companies who are taking note of the benefits of a mostly remote staff also recognize their new ability to hire for employees globally (or at least nationally). This means more jobs for you to apply to. You'll no longer be restricted to the confines of your local geography. So hate it or love it - now is a good time to learn how to be successful when working from home. Pay close attention to how you perform the best while working at home - particularly when throughout the day and where throughout your home you are most focused and successful. Deciphering what your new environment needs to look like when working remotely is the first step in finding your place in the remote work revolution.

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