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Oh hey, let's catch up!

Hey Job Seekers!

It's been a little over a month since you've heard from me and that's because I have been super busy working! Yes, you heard that right - I have been fulfilling orders left and right and starting to make some progress in my business. Woot woot!

Things are on the upswing for Adams Consulting and Services and because of that I'm offering my first SALE!

You read that right! Right now, you can get a professional resume for only $75! This special sale goes through the end of July. But when that clock strikes midnight on 8/1:

Who doesn't love a good Parks & Rec gif? 😁 I digress. Back on topic - if you or your friend, co-worker, family member, heck, even the dog, is looking for a fresh, on trend resume that highlights skills, expertise, and has keyword targets to be pulled by recruiters, visit my website and order today. Make sure to forward this message along to your peeps because sharing is caring!

Stay safe and healthy!


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